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    Hello everyone! Today we will share with you unique crafts and hacks where the main thing you need to have is a Pop It fidget! Experiment with different shapes to create more fun designs!

    Pop It is a perfect base for cute desserts and snacks. Fill it with gummy bears and heat them with a hairdryer. Let it dry for a while, and now you can enjoy your custom-shaped jelly snack! Your kids will love it :) Put your favorite nuts, chocolate drops, dried fruits in a Pop It and fill it with chocolate. It's a super easy and yummy chocolate bar recipe that you can make in a couple of minutes!

    Fill Pop It with water and put it in the freezer. Pop It shaped ice will look trendy and unique in drinks and cocktails. It's a great idea to surprise your friends or guests at a party this summer! Pop It can be used in many different ways. Cut it in the shape of your feet and create flip flops! See the tutorial in the video!

    00:01 - Flip flops made from Pop It fidgets
    01:09 - Jelly Pop It snack
    02:14 - DIY Pop It phone case
    04:57 - DIY Pop It earrings
    05:11 - How to sneak snacks anywhere

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    1. Alina_ Playz

      Ok but them cutting a perfectly good Pop It is the most unsatisfying thing I have ever seen

    2. cottage core

      imagine using a sanitary-pad in your shoe


      Oque vc vê quando tá com sono Eu(emt

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      No not the pop it😢😒😠

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    10. HulioGivesAnAck

      1:36 who plays with a fidget toy whilst shitting?

    11. HulioGivesAnAck

      If you actually watch this to get some ideas, its not gonna work buddy.

    12. B Ramey

      5 minute crafts needs be stopped,they be taken things to far-

    13. Sabrin

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      Title: FaNtAsTiC POP iT hAcKs What it should be: How to ruin pop it’s!!

    15. 25 Darshita

      Wow.... You have so creative mind

    16. JaneColoursStuff

      Leave pop it alone the creator will be sad to see you cutting up their creation go buy these things instead of messing it up wait when there is no more in stores what will use

    17. L LaValla


    18. FlamencoO Flan

      4:05 why put rabbit poop and icecream EWWWWWW

      1. Pikachu


    19. FlamencoO Flan

      These people are deranged

    20. ꧁L O R E L E I꧂


    21. Lauryns art

      I feel like it's unsanitary to put food in a pop it but that's just my opinion

    22. mèryæm mëry

    23. Yuvika Jain

      Are you all mad 5 min craft people

    24. Sara Londoño

      Eso fue asqueroso

    25. Laxmi Jakate

      Nice Super👌👌👌👌

    26. F M

      I make evry hacks and is cool.

    27. blissxxxgames

      not the popit flip flops

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      Triggered Insan will rost this

    29. Anaiah NAVARRO

      If you can buy 4 popits I'm sure you can buy a pair of flip-flops from dollar tree

    30. Tito Briceño

      No tienes que arruinar unos pop it

      1. Tito Briceño

        Somos dos

      2. sandra de briceño

        Verdad que no los tienen arruinar

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        A demasiada gente le encanta ver cómo arruinan los pop it

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        Por lo menos Alguien habla mexicano y admite que si no tienen que arruinar nada

      5. sandra de briceño

        Sí O sea no tienen que arruinar ningún pop it Qué son millonarias para qué rompan cualquiera igual van a comprar mucho☹️☹️😡😡🙄

    31. Rosey Sun

      Poor toilet seat

    32. Ильяс Гезалян

      Странные лайфхаки со спортзалом, если хочешь жрать сиди дома и ешь как будто кто-то заставляет ходить заниматься, а так вообще какой смысл заниматься и объедаться шоколадом и пиццой🤦

    33. Elisha Bragg

      2:29 the only useful one🤷🏽‍♀️

    34. ❤PinkPurple's Galaxy❤

      0:39 a man makes the pop it sand and the mother gives it to her children

    35. - M I K O -

      Ew, imagine having guests over and they found you weird and disgusting for a pop-it-covered toilet. Who sits on a toilet playing with a pop it? 1:30

    36. Marvi Art&Crafts

      It didn't flash, it was coming down again and again🤣🤣

    37. Snehal Gamer

      When you have nothing else to waste stuffs on..

    38. swathi kalurupalle

      Pop it is sooo overated

    39. Snehal Gamer

      1:47 WOW! She is not sitting on it

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      Oh so you call this a life hack?

    44. Evelyn da silva santos Vilyn

      Mano tanta gente tendo crise de ansiedade e eles estragando a porra do negócio que pode controlar a crise de ansiedade mds viu

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      1:29 she looks like she is trying to beat a hard level on a video game!

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      Imagine how much stuff falls apart in that house a day from all the diy- LOL

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      1:32 od kiedy na kiblu ma być wygodnie co?

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      You people think that pop it is use for soap no it's use for kids and you waste 1 year soap😱

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        Why sandals?!

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      These aren’t life hacks at all

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      10:10 did she really just check and make sure the fire was “working” as if she couldn’t just look at it?

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        I think if was mostly to see if the heat was hitting the kettle or not . .which still could have been figure out just by looking at the flame.

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      Yeah those straps will only hold for 10 seconds 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    78. Derpz

      Honestly the gummy bear mold one was actually quite useful… yeah but the rest are terrible

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      You just wasted perfectly good pop it’s!

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      Y’all are really that bored 😑

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      Another Channel made this Is really copyrighted

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    85. Self-Education Methodology


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