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    Hello everyone! We prepared the best summer hacks and crafts for you to enjoy this time of the year! We will show you an easy and painless way to wear a swimming cap, the way to transform your bottoms into a top.
    Don't forget to try snacks and treats that we showed you in the video ;) When it's hot outside, leave some jellies on a plate and put a wooden stick on them. Let jellies melt and turn into a lollipop! Get an empty bucket, fill it with your favorite soda, put a wooden stick in it, and let it frozen. This way, you will make a huuuuge popsicle that you can share with your loved ones :)

    If you like to spend time at the beach, you probably can relate to that problem, when all your belongings are in the sand, and you have no idea how to clean it all. Here's the solution: get a slime, and you'll quickly gather sand and other small pieces of dirt.

    00:33 - Safe way for your child to play in the water
    01:40 - Huge popsicle
    02:39 - Watermelon jelly
    06:40 - Permanent face contouring with the help of a sunscreen cream
    08:00 - How to fix torn flip flops

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    1. prathibha Manuprakash

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    6. Blue_CloudsxX

      The whole point of a swimming cap is to not get your hair wet like wth

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      Let her go in the water, if she doesn't know how to swim then teach her a few months before taking her, or at least make the hole way bigger than that

    49. Sarah is SwAgGy

      I tried the swim cap hack with my friends cause I’m a swimmer, it went on sometimes but it went over ur eyes lol and didn’t really work

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