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    Mouth-watering chocolate hacks & sweet recipes

    Hey everyone! In this video, we put together the best desserts and hacks with chocolate! You will see how to make a chocolate bar with Pop It fidget and Pop It phone case, waffles with Skittles, pancakes with chocolate, lollipops & popsicles, and other recipes with popular chocolate bars. Your children will fall in love with these super sweet desserts, so be careful, maybe our hacks for hiding sweets will be helpful for you😅

    If you want to take a break from popular desserts, keep watching to see some less sweet snacks. For example, you can make low-calorie waffles with your waffle iron. Just use apple slices instead of sweets or bread and enjoy these healthy snacks. You can also make waffles with different vegetables, cheese, sausages, eggs, and sauces - that's an excellent solution for dinner or lunchtime! Also, since it's summertime, try out our unique waffle recipe with watermelon ;)

    00:23 - Waffles with Skittles
    01:05 - Chocolate made using Pop It phone case
    02:19 - How to hide chocolate from your child
    03:59 - Banana snack for kids
    07:06 - Healthy fruit waffles

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