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    Did you know that you can use regular balloons in many different ways? At the beginning of our video, we will show you how to teach your kid about personal hygiene. You can make your custom antistress toy with a balloon. Fill the balloon with toothpaste and put a net on it. Fill some balloons with water and put them in the freezer for a while. Then cut the ballons and use these huge ice balls to cool down sodas and drinks. It’s a valuable hack for this hot summer ;) Surprise your daughter with fancy outfits for her dolls made out of balloons! We shared a whole bunch of ideas in the video. You can make these dresses together and have lots of fun :) Get a duvet cover and fill it with many inflated balloons. This way, you will turn some ordinary material into an air mattress! It can be used as a bed when you’re going on a camping trip! From this video, you’ll learn how to use balloons in your daily life (when cleaning or cooking), make toys from balloons, and even make hairstyles with balloons!

    00:13 - DIY antistress toy
    01:54 - DIY air mattress
    03:13 - Fun trick with a balloon and water
    04:58 - Crazy hairstyle with balloons in your hair
    06:49 - A chocolate dessert made in a balloon

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    1. Butool Fathima

      1st tell that girl to brush her teeth in the right way then tell her to play with that poor stressball it will popp after 1day only and dont ever try that balloon balancing thing they are using gym fitness balls

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      These “life hacks” are just nonsense. You could just buy a pop it toy for £2 instead of buying balloons and cardboards.

    17. Shanmugam Baskar

      Wow I like the light hack it is so easy and beautiful ❤️ hack 🤔

    18. Claudione De luna

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