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5-Minute Crafts

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    TikTok hacks to make your videos go viral
    Hey TikTokers! If you love trying new techniques and want to create something special for your TikTok profile, keep watching this video! If you don’t have a tripod to film videos or take photos, don’t worry! You will find some valuable tips on setting up your phone using random things you have around the house. We will reveal the most popular TikTok effects that you can easily repeat without any effort ;) Set up your phone with tape to random objects in your house and see how they change the picture! From this small guide, you will learn how to film people, moving objects, nature, food, and other stuff. I’m 100% sure you will discover some new camera angles that will make your videos look amazing! It’s nighttime, and there’s not enough light in your room? Go to the kitchen and open your fridge😅 If you want to make your cat a TikTok star, check out the fun tip on filming your pets using a can of chips. There are more fantastic and popular filming hacks in this video, so stay tuned ;)

    00:28 - Summer photo/video idea
    02:28 - Popular effect you need to try
    04:25 - Beautiful effect for charming photos
    05:46 - Awesome hack to make your jeans fit you perfectly
    07:04 - Fun way to film your pets

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    38. VM CREATIVE IDEAS Watch this video and don't forget to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE

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