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    Hello everyone! In this video, we gathered excellent game ideas for kids, friends, and family members! If you’re a fan of Pop It fidgets and like to try new things with them, then you have to play our Pop It game! Exchange your toys and fidgets with your friends and choose the best deals! Keep watching this video, to learn how you can transform your Pop It fidgets into Tetris pieces. If you’re a crafty parent and are constantly creating new toys or playing new games with your kids, you will find this video very useful. We will share valuable crafts and game ideas that your child will love! You can create different characters by drawing them on your hands and fingers. This way, you can play many role-playing games or stage scenes from your favorite movies or cartoons! Learn how to use dental floss, create fabulous dresses for dolls, make paper crafts, and increase your logic with math games! TIMESTAMPS: 00:01 - Cool Pop It game 00:30 - Fun tricks with hands and fingers 01:02 - Play Tetris with pieces of Pop It 05:36 - DIY cardboard car 07:34 - Games to train your logic
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