24 HOURS IN JAIL || Prison hacks that are useful in everyday life

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    Prison hacks that are useful in everyday life
    Hello guys! Today we will share with you some prison hacks that you can actually use in everyday life! Let’s start with a couple of exercises: if you’re too lazy to go to the gym, you can work out at home (no special equipment needed). In this video, you’ll find random kitchen tips and food hacks. We will show you how to replace broken cups & mugs, cook super budget noodles, and make simples snacks. Burn some sugar on a spoon, put a wooden stick in it and let it dry. Here’s your simple lollipop recipe ;) Okay, let’s move on and take a look at your outfit. If you need to clean your white sneakers asap, get your toothpaste and a brush ;) Fluff on clothes? The easy way to get rid of them is to use a dishwashing sponge. To do budget makeup, you’ll need some vaseline, a magazine, a pencil, and a cup of hot water. What should you do with all this stuff? See in the video! In addition, you’ll learn how to shape your eyebrows with a thread and how to use Skittles instead of lipstick!

    01:40 - Get rid of insects on your bed
    03:10 - DIY paper cup
    03:44 - Shoes cleaning hack
    09:35 - Super budget noodles recipe
    10:12 - DIY conditioning
    11:33 - Budget makeup hacks

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    1. Lazy Caramel

      why do u have matches

    2. Danielle Guerrette

      aaand realistically how are you supposed to have a lighter in jail?? you don’t. of course you can “make one” but this video isn’t really true-to-life realistic. js.

    3. Abhi Veer

      Who provides these facilities in JAIL...


      Happy Birthday 🎂🎉

    5. Karleigh

      What kind of jail is this?!?

    6. Marissa Hall

      Why don't they use items that will actually be in prison unlike tape and those things

    7. Milica Dinić

      This jail looks pretty good tho it doesn't look like prison

    8. FIRE FOX


    9. Diogo

      Caramba preciso ser preso pra testar esses truques😱😱

    10. MinecraftRedondo13doPT

      Acho que pra arranjar fosforo e uma colher é meio dificil ne

    11. Matheesha Fernando

      Im GoIn To JaiL.....

    12. ✩ 𝐚𝐥𝐢 ✩

      totally, you can ToTally have matches in jail

    13. Chaithanya Vijay

      5:39 ew she is eating toilet paper 🤮🤮

    14. Pinkish Dolphine

      I don't think real prisoners would have the "supplys" for that, and also i don't think they would even see this video cause y'know they are literally trapped in a cell to do nothing but die (5 minute crafts are obviously trying to get views in my opinion)

    15. Vivika Revuru

      Which prison supplies so much if there is that kinda prison then I am down to doa mistake and go there

    16. Tushar Bachal

      Prisoners have so much facilities there 😂😂

    17. craft with vaibhavi

      Shower in jail

    18. Ugeepie


    19. radiantxskies

      Like we have access to all these things

    20. jishic1

      Ah yes. 2020's version of jail during these covid times.

    21. Chaithanya Vijay

      1:47 she is screaming

    22. Saangya Chickar

      That soap in the ponge and that paper game we can try this at home also 👍👍👍

    23. Angry Lemxn

      My dad has experience jail and when i showed him this he said this is not how they get treated 🤧😂

    24. Dona Katrandzhieva


    25. Xx Pineapple_Apocalypse xX

      Right, because cleaning my shoes are exactly the thing I care about when getting released from prison-

    26. cat

      I don't think people who probably commited horrible crimes would act like 8 year olds

    27. Hana Eltayeb

      2:12 did she really just move her tattoo? Five minutes craft you gotta review the video before posting

    28. *insert aesthetic name here*

      this is VERY stereotypical- one, WHO WEARS A BANDANA AND CHAINS IN THE SHOWER, two, not all prisoners look like that or act crazy. they don’t have those scratch marks on the wall either, that’s from movies.

    29. • 33kacie •

      You think people in jail are gonna see this?

    30. Aiden Makes Memes

      Prison toothpaste on toilet paper as a snack!? A few punchable silent cringe actors!? Five minute crafts baby

    31. Aiden Makes Memes

      Paper gets wet like really easily

    32. Aiden Makes Memes

      Prison hacks “useful in everyday life”


      Roast this @Triggered Insaan

    34. Rama Pandey

      When you are out of content😁

    35. aud

      this isn't prison, this is a luxury "you did a no-no" camp.

    36. Muzicality_Dakotaraptor

      Тюремные лайфхаки Сливки Шоу лучше

    37. allyhalkett

      5:30 sh!t on the toilet paper and throw it at the tw@t

    38. Random_Meraki

      Yes, prison is actually this fun and lets you have all of these materials.

      1. Geometry Dash Noob

        Yes, totally. I have experienced prison before and I must say it’s very fun./j

    39. The Gaming Vault

      4:02 okay. Now do it without the jump cut. I DARE you.

    40. V

      Prison mike will be happy 😁

    41. ✨hanoian boy✨

      Mom can we watch Prison Break? No, you're not old enough, and we have it at home. Family-friendly Prison Break at home:

    42. Ahh Sjjq


    43. Ahh Sjjq

      Sorzu zjtsuwugj4hw fzsfhr2rf

    44. Ahh Sjjq

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    45. Ahh Sjjq

      Cac aoa ka nzw

    46. Ahh Sjjq

      Gzkacj hAi hdao y1xjahy mfgzka k

    47. Ahh Sjjq

      Beste frende 4 tt55 q.xaoz i akt an5 abdt abaxuavzla akdaia

    48. Brielle  Pascua

      They feed ramen to the prisoner not otmeal

    49. ~peaches~

      Are they in a jail or a 5 star hotel....jeez

    50. ArtisticallyME

      7:52 ah yes, the first thing I do when I wake up….Pull my tattoos on

    51. ArtisticallyME

      Toothpaste and toilet paper…… Delicious

    52. PythonT**S**

      Disclaimer: This video is for entertaining don't try this at home.

    53. preeti

      How can you get sugar in Jail 😂

    54. teamemes

      Well i did get charged " Masa care" if anyone knows what that is?, so at least i can watch this while i get the death sentence

    55. D.Udhaya kumar

      3.32 is that possible

    56. Ningappa Bansode N

      Wait a minute! those are things Really available in jail.?? 😱😱🤔🤔

    57. Ningappa Bansode N

      Well ,finally We need to be in jail..to its work or not . 😒😒

    58. thqntophxbiq

      5:38 johnny, johnny yes papa eating toothpaste and toilet paper? no papa teling lies? no papa open your mouth! HaHaAhAa

    59. E.K Liadon

      Tampons and toilet paper is like gold in prison. Ain’t nobody wasting that stuff xD

    60. Savanna Crozier

      2:14 I'm sorry, miss dis you just pull up your TATTOOS?!

    61. saniya Ali

      Jail h ki five star hotel Jo hr samaan mil jaa RHA h Audience ko bevkoof bnate h Silly hacks

    62. Matthew Donaldson

      trash video, trash channel, i remember it used to be good


      What are the names of these actresses?

    64. Vade_ BA

      Ah yes make your own snack with the spoon and match stick the prison guards just conveniently gave you oh and don't forget the lighter and pen they gave you

    65. Wilding boys

      Oh MY GOG half of This things you are Not Allowed in prison

    66. Laina Kilts

      But you don't get that stuff in jail

    67. SK STATUS A1

      Nice video BRO #SKSTATUSA1

    68. JOVI Aqua world

      Logics in 5 mins craft be like: Baby I'm not even here I'm just an hallucination😅

    69. moonadora

      Ok.. But why the fake tattoo sleeves?? Stop stereotyping

    70. Anupam Jha

      The salt glue is fake

      1. Anupam Jha

        So never try it

    71. Chinthamani Chinnaraju

      Who gives sugar and match box in prison

    72. Kaniz's diy & crafts

      How can u get this things in jail

    73. Covali Child

      Evereday life in prison(which realy isn't how they show it in the video)

    74. Mark Donald

      Now i understand social media, I got access of my husband phone call on my own phone through the help of CODEDSPYY11 On Instagram or telegram, you are a professional hacker🥰🥰

    75. • Toxic Kiwi •

      You use all the things that we can’t get our use in the jail and also I think we need to go to jail to try this how dum

    76. alana pauloooo

      If prison gave them that stuff… I want to go to that prison

    77. vishmathi

      If i went to jail am not gonna carry all of this things to try these hacks nd our country jailers won't allow them too(cutter,ice,tablefan, dumbbells)😩😩

    78. Purple Guy

      How did the prisoners already had a match box,a news paper and they literally bring a freaking contraband knife,DONT FORGET THEY HAVE CONTRABAND DETECTORS IDIOT

    79. Makfura Mim's art & crafts

      mrplans.info/fun/m5e6YMmcnKRoYqQ/vhi-i.html mrplans.info/fun/m5e6YMmcnKRoYqQ/vhi-i.html

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      Ye sab jail mai milta hai

    81. Shahina Naqvi

      Does jail have such a good bathroom

    82. Tina


    83. Tessa'sART

      I don't know if this channel is just trolling or run by a bunch of people who spent most of their lives under a rock...

    84. TheNerdyPianist

      Every video on this channel is batshit insane, but this one really takes the cake

    85. Snickle Pickle

      8:49 Yall didn’t even try🤣

    86. Snickle Pickle

      3:27 Oh yeah of course becurse paper can hold wet things!

    87. Bunny Gaming

      5 minutes craft only timepass

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      Ab hum kya jail jaye....ye sab try karne😑....

    89. Albanian Tubers

      I think prison isn't with so smiling and friendly like this

    90. ASMR World

      How did u get sugar and candle in jail?

    91. Ratnesh Raja

      who is providing her these materials in jail..🤣😂

    92. DIYA, SABA, NABA & NAJA.

      11:28 My birthday is also in 11 july..😃 What a match....🤩

    93. ❤Tanveer Hanspal❤

      Jail hacks, seriously? Triggered insaan should roast this stuff... 😒😒😒

    94. Emily Amelia

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    95. Emily Amelia

      *drew_kentaro* on Facebook is the best hacker I can't believe he hacked my boyfriend WhatsApp without her knowing now I can access and read every message on her WhatsApp After trying so many people I found the best hacker he's very reliable and trustworthy💯

    96. Baishali S

      So she ate toilet paper with toothpaste!! sounds yumm

    97. Dan

      Worst channel ever

    98. Sankar Meesala

      In jail persons don't have phones get from anyone 📱

    99. Landry Foster

      tell me ur running out of video ideas without telling me ur running out of video ideas.😐

    100. Maggie Pixiegoatt

      Mhm yes I'm sure the first thing you think when you find out your getting out of prison the next day is worry about the fact that your shoes are dirty